About Joey Wu

Joey Wu. He was born in Taiwan and came to the United States in 2009. His major is Theatre and Dance or as many call it: Drama. He studied as a Chinese Music major in his home country. Even though he is normally comfortable being on stage, after he came to the United States, speaking English on stage is still challenging for him.

Joey transferred into UC Davis in 2014. He worked in the Lighting Lab at second quarter in UC Davis. As a Theatre and Dance major, he has worked in the show as the backstage crew with the titles “Rail-man” and “Prop-hand” for three different shows: “The Light and Dark Arts: A Radical Magic Show “, “Time is Passing by”, and “Outside the Line 2”. There is also one show that he worked on stage by singing and playing instruments: the musical “Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play”.

After these quarters, he has been experienced in production. He really loves all the theatre things. From 2016 Winter Quarter he took the Theatre Sound class it shifts all his focus back the thing he really has passion on it. Since he was the music major student back to his home country. He wants to be the Sound Designer. He was in the class to learn design the radio play “The Time Machine” for the class. Being Asst. for 5 different show. And got one opportunity to be the sound designer for Outside The Line 3 Spring Quarter 2017.

After graduated he starts working on different professional shows. From stagehand, Audio Technician to Stage Manager he is looking for more experience in theatre. His journey just begins, and he is looking forward to continuing on this path.

Currently, Joey is working in ROLCC as a full-time AVL Technician. In ROLCC he is focusing on Lighting design, but he is also involved in sound live mixing, video editing, and video shooting for TV.